Thursday, June 4, 2009

How boring am I?

Here's some evidence that I'm a very boring person:
  • I think Economics textbooks are the funniest textbooks ever written;
  • I'm a fan of the semi-colon;
  • I was annoyed when National Post got rid of the game, "Add it up" in the Saturday paper (Sudoko is no substitute);
  • I wrote this post; and,
  • I enjoy technical writing.
Yes, right now, I am editing and re-writing a 35 page resume (I'll probably only work on about 11 pages of it). I may be up very late tonight finishing it, and I'm not horrified by the prospect. I actually find it an enjoyable aspect of my job (the writing, not the sleep deprivation).

At some point in the future I will present evidence that I am not a boring person... if I find such evidence.

[UPDATE: It's 12:42 and I just completed the first draft. A little more polishing tomorrow, and I should easily meet the 3 pm deadline.]

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