Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Helping a Friend: The (Potential) Joys of Recruiting

Last week, I was contacted by a potential candidate with a very familiar name.  It was, in fact, someone with whom I had gone to school for about nine years.  I hadn't seen her since high school ended, and it was nice to get back in touch.

She has spent the bulk of the last fifteen years in Waterloo, and has only recently returned to Ottawa.  Looking over her resume, it struck me that her life has followed a similar path to mine (not that great a surprise, as we had similar academic aptitudes and extra-curricular interests while in school).  She has a solid background in technical writing (having spent a number of years at RIM), but finds her career at a bit of a crossroads (which is likely aggravated by the return home).  Unfortunately, her experience lies in the private sector, and my company tends to work exclusively with the public sector, so I'm not sure if we'll be able to land her a contract.

Nonetheless, I am determined to help my friend get a good job and rejuvenate her career.  I'm not sure how I will do it, but I will try.  I am going to send her all the information I have regarding job searching and potential companies in Ottawa to target.  I'm also going to put her in touch with some friends who have similar career trajectories to what she desires.

I've always said that the best part about being a recruiter is that my job is to get other people jobs.  Such an activity can be extremely satisfying.  Now, I just have to be able to use my powers to help a friend.

The bulk of her professional experience is in technical writing, but she is looking to move past that, ideally, into more of a communication writing role.  She has experience doing PR, contributing to Zines and writing fiction.  She also enjoys working with the public, and is open to receptionist/office administration positions.  From what I know of her and her experience, she'd be a great pick up for anyone who needs an office administrator who can also draft documents and edit copy.  Despite her experience, she has no conceits and is open to junior positions.

So, here's where we I look to my dear readers for help.  Advice, guidance, opportunities: if you have any please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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