Thursday, April 30, 2009

Desperately need PHP developers in Gatineau / Ottawa

It was never my intention for this blog to become a job board. Granted, there was no grand vision, but still, my thoughts were more along the lines of a blog about recruiting. Unfortunately, I'm a little stuck, so here she goes...

I need two PHP developers. This is for a government client located Gatineau, Quebec (just across the river from Ottawa, Ontario - this is in Canada for all you non-Canadian imaginary readers of this blog).

There are only two definite requirements:
  • PHP experience (9 months might do, 1 year would be better);
  • Government of Canada Reliability security clearance.
There are a lot of "nice to have" requirements:
  • Java;
  • JavaScript (and yes, I do know they're different);
  • Oracle (this is the client's back end - it's a huge database);
  • XML;
  • HTML (because there are so many PHP developers who have never seen HTML);
  • Apache;
  • Linux/UNIX;
  • C;
  • C++.
Interested? Know anyone who might be? We'll pay you if you send us a successful candidate.

You can reply to this blog with your co-ordinates, or, better yet, send your resume to

And I'd appreciate knowing if you read this blog. I'm assuming no one does.

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