Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why would you want this person working for you in the first place?

Cleaning up my inbox, I found my letter of resignation from my previous job. Some might wonder, what the hell was I thinking?

Keep in mind that I liked the job, was good friends with my boss (and still am), and was on very good terms with the company... oh, and I wrote it in about a minute.

March 7, 2008

Ottawa, Ontario

To whom it may concern,

As wisps of daylight blend and fade, and weeks, as shapes, contort and fray,
the time within all swells and seeks
and sputters to give us but two weeks,
and I shall give you my last day.

Light hands can heal through bounty and fast,
but not, for never, the floundering quell.
Your light, though beams, is sad as well,
for March 21st shall be my last.

In Certain Sincerity,


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