Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nerd, or, The Unfolding Mystery of the ESA

I find Ontario's Employment Standard's Act quite interesting - or, to clarify, I find the comparison between the popular interpretation of the ESA and the actual language and strictures of the ESA to be interesting.

Having been in management, HR and recruiting, it has been handy to have a solid understanding of the ESA. The more I have read it, the more I have found that society seems to have a very poor understanding of it.* I'm a bit of a nit-picker; I'm kind of pedantic, thus my interest in the ESA.

Every now and then, I will probably put up a post investigating some aspect of the ESA that seems to be popularly misunderstood. For now, this post should serve as a warning that even if you think you know what your rights are as an employee, you might be mistaken.

I know that this blog has already blurred the line between recruiting and HR, but I am broadly defining the objective of this blog. I feel comfortable with this decision.

(*This is purely anecdotal; I have no data to back it up.)

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