Friday, May 8, 2009

A post a day? Will my head explode?

So I'm wondering if I should try writing at least one post every day (and begging for candidates won't count). In many ways this is a stupid quandary; no one reads this blog, so what's the point?

Well, there are a few reasons I'm thinking of doing this.

First, maybe someday people will read this blog. If so, regular updates will probably help it's popularity. On its own, this seems too optimistic (both of readership potential, and usefulness of potential content) to justify such an endeavour. So why else should I do this?

There is a matter of discipline. Having this task to complete on a regular basis will force me to stick to with this and stick with a routine. Theoretically, this will help keep me on task during the work day.

Further, there seems to be a real professional development aspect to this. Often, the demands of my job won't actually involve much writing. Maybe some editing, maybe putting together job ads, but not necessarily long form writing. I believe it is a good skill to have - and one that has helped me in the past (and one I should have put to better use in university). To improve or maintain this skill, I need to do it.

Writing these posts should help me focus my thoughts. I have put up some random thoughts on this blog. Sometimes, they're not well thought out. They're just musings or rants or off the cuff statements. I can't promise that everything I write in this blog will remain my opinion for time everlasting, but I can promise that what I write is what I'm feeling at the time (I write feeling because I'm not sure I'll always be thinking when I write). With these thoughts written down, I should be able re-visit them, or analyze my thought process. This should help me refine my thoughts (or thought processes), thereby holding better developed opinions in the future.

And, years from now, if someone from The Economist or The Atlantic finds this blog and loves it, maybe they'll pay me to sit in front of a computer and "think" all day long.

(It should be noted that posting every day does not include weekends; I am not that devoted to personal or professional development.)

[UPDATE: I guess I should admit that this regimen didn't hold up very long, sorry. I'll try to do better in the future.]

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